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She went into the bedroom wearing a tight blue dress just above the knee. She was wearing high-heeled shoes and looked like a passionate escort in ankara.

– Get down on your knees, – I ordered.

She knew that she will be punished if she does not obey my commands and quickly knelt. She felt not very comfortable because of the shoes on a high platform but it was only her problem.

– Legs wider and hands behind your back.

She spread her legs a little and dress slightly rose up, exposing her legs more. She folded her hands behind her back and glanced at me like one of the escort Ankara girls.

– Sit down on your knees and show me your tongue.

She sat down on her knees and her hands all over her back and stuck out her tongue. I wanted to enjoy the view on the mouth, which will caress my Willie today. I got up from my chair, walked over to her and put two fingers on her tongue and she just swallowed them and started to suck them greedily showing her willingness and desire like an Ankara escort girl.

She leaned forward so that the top of the dress swift her ass. She slowly began to lift the dress exposing a beautiful look. To me it was easier to see even more bent forward, her arms spread apart her ass. Now I perfectly saw her anus and vagina, it was wet, she wanted me to fuck her, but she will have to earn it.

– Caress yourself, but do not you dare to stop.

Escort girls, still holding her hand on the halves of the ass, put her hand between her legs and began to masturbate. A few minutes later, she began to breathe and I had to stop her, I did not want to start this evening with a punishment.

– Get on your knees. Face on the floor with your hands spread your anus.

She took her hands from her clitoris, though she clearly did not want to, and knelt. With middle fingers, she reached out to the anus and spread it so that it was now a little bit opened.

– What do you want me to do to you? – I asked.

– I want to feel the taste of semen in my mouth.

– Crawl to me and starts sucking.

She turned and crawled up to me wagging her ass. When she crawled toward me, she unbuttoned the fly on my pants and started to suck not yet fully risen cock. She did it very skillfully, because she wanted to cum. My penis has strengthened enough. It became more difficult to fully take it into her mouth. Massaging my balls and still standing on all fours, she started to almost swallowing it.

– Hands behind your back, – I decided to complicate her task.

She put her hands on her ass apart and went to sit down on my cock, but now she turned slowly because it was difficult to keep the balance and I decided to help my Ankara escort girl by taking her head with both hands began to string her on my penis. Drooling flows river out of her mouth and she began to frantically swallow air much more frequient. Tears came to her eyes, smearing the mascara.

– Take it as deep as you can and lick the balls.

Not helping herself with her hands, she swallowed my dick as far as she could, and her tongue began to polish my balls. A minute later, she abruptly pulled away and began breathing noisily, but I did not want to give her a chance to break it.

– Show me your tongue and open your mouth as wide as you can, because I want to cum in your mouth. You can even use hands to help yourself to stretch your mouth wider. And look in my eyes.

She leaned back a little, opened her mouth and her hands stretched it even more. There could now safely enter a huge dildo 12 centimeters in diameter. I began to masturbate and cum on her face and a couple of shots even hit her right in the mouth.

– Clean it so it shines.

She began to suck my dick from all sides and drain the remaining sperm droplets.

– Good girl russian escort ankara, – I said, patting her cheek.

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