Alice In The Wonderland

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My name is Alice. Since my 18 I was already heavily distorted, as a girl turkey escort.

I wanted sex, I read a lot about it, I’ve talked about these issues with friends, I watched a lot of porn. And on some of the walks with friends, I met a guy. His name was Nick. We walked with the company and I have to go home already, but he offered to accompany me. On the way home, we talked a lot and at some point. I realized that I want him, as if he was a fantasy of my nightly erotic dreams. He walked me home, I wanted to talk with him but he said that he should go home and we exchanged phone numbers.

As soon as I came home, I immediately went to bed, but I wasn’t falling asleep for a long time. I stroked my smooth thin body, I was caressing my breasts, and with my eyes closed I imagined Nick and I having sex. I finished three times from my caresses. It was truly unforgettable. And I fell asleep in a blissful state with a stupid smile on my face.

The next morning, Nick called me and suggested to go for a visit. When he arrived, first we drank tea. I felt a little awkward. I thought, he sees right through all my thoughts and know what I was doing yesterday night. Then we decided to watch a movie and sat on the couch with comfort. The first step, as he was a real man, was made by Nick. He put his hand on my leg and began to stroke it through my pants. I was calm from the outside. But from the inside, I was all burning and my pussy was already wet like sleeky wet, like I was an escort girls from Ankara. He turned to me. Our eyes met and then we started kissing. God, he’s a good kisser! He laid me on the couch and walked with his hands over my body. I could not hold back the sighs and my voice was so vulgar and dissolute, like an ankara escort girls. Nick fell below my belly. He abruptly pulled off my pants with shorts. I felt that he was struggling to cope with the desire to fuck me.

He knelt down and began to kiss my pussy. I forgot about all the oppression and was just lying there sighing and arching my back like an experienced lover, one of those girls from escort Ankara. He kissed my pussy. He was caressing my pussy with lips, and moved on to the clitoris. God, it was a million times better than caressing myself with my arms. His tongue was so hot. After two minutes of caresses, I broke down and finished, my hand grabbed him by the hair and pressed closer to my pussy. This was my first orgasm from cunnilingus. I was happy, but I wanted more. He, meanwhile, stripped to his shorts and pulled a condom out of the bag.

He touched my pussy with his hand, slightly parted labia and slowly began to insert his penis into me. He whispered something into my ear, and I began to move slowly at first. I felt him moving inside me and I loved it. I spread my legs wider, he began to go stronger. I moaned in all, faster and faster. I stroked his back, his ass, I liked it, I looked at him and saw him looking at me. Remembering the scene of erotic films with escort models, I began to knead my breasts and passionately sighing. I will never forget his eyes.

He began to fuck me furiously why I dug my hands into his chest and threw back my head back moaning. It was so good that I lost track of time, I began to feel that something is growing inside me, and in a few moments, I was pierced with one more orgasm. I felt like my ankara escort body was transformed into a padded jelly. He, meanwhile, pulled his penis out of me, pulled a condom off and began to masturbate on my tummy. I slipped a hand to his testicles and started stroking and kneading them, they were all wet with my selections. Nick moaned: he began to finish and cum on my tummy. It was very exciting. His sperm was thick and hot. When we finished, he just took a shower and left, and I was lying on the bed contented, in an excellent mood.

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