girl is doing mountain biking and has a flush of emotions after a tough descending from a track

» » girl is doing mountain biking and has a flush of emotions after a tough descending from a track

The rocks were spawning out of the wheels of her mountain bike that saw already more than thousands of miles of driving routes. She was working with all her body, steering her bicycle handlebars and actively using pedals and brakes when necessary. The route she was on now was pretty tough and she shared it with her client, one of welcoming persons in Escort girls Bursa model agency.

The story behind her was the following: she was working as one of Escort girls Bursa. The services they provide were sometimes more than it is obvious: for instance, Tamara was an active rider of off-road mountain tracks and there were several clients that adored what she was doing in life, the way she lived and so they paid treble price just to feel the adrenaline rushing from everywhere during their active pastimes, like this one.

The road was wriggling and turning every second. This site they have selected was one of the hardest but she was also a big specialist in passing routes. The path required maximum concentration and no wonder that they used the passive protection like helmets, kneecaps, and others. girl is ready to give you exciting time together & her look tells that

After the rocky path, on the insane speed, they flew into the forest and now they had to watch out not to encounter with a tree, in addition, to watch for the road. The adrenaline was coming from all inside guts and it largely overwhelmed the tiredness they had during this ride. The riding was going to end soon and she, one of Escort girls Bursa, was even a little regretting about this fact.

When she was cycling, she did not have time to think about how sweat she was. Now, as the riding was over (of course, she won from a client for more than a minute in total time), the hot drops started flowing down her. The client of her, Jake, landed on the finish line with a red face and tired look. They both were excited about the ride, about which they actively chatted. Then some spark ignited them out of sudden and they took bikes to have a hike into the denser part of a forest. The trumpets of the finish faded in their heads but what really flooded them now was an adrenaline in their still too heated bodies and the desire to possess their active partner – it often happens to people having an active lifestyle. That was one of the other sexual advantages of this girl.

No longer could bikes get through the thickets and they dropped them to get together immediately in a hot kiss, feeling the too salty lips of each other. Tongues were working along with their hands that were studying bodies of each other filled with watery skin excretions. Their muscled bodies were as if created for each other in this passionate striving. Soon, they left each other without clothes to discover the hairless sites of genitals of both. Jake wanted to give her suck his erected cock. He wanted this to happen during the entire ride and before that, just as they met.  Now it was a perfect opportunity and he saw as his dick is covered by mouth and throat of girl. The way she was looking was perfect from the point of view of how they were now, he was standing and she was sitting on her hunkers giving him oral pleasure: tanned skin, tight ass looking as two peaches, spine going to the right and to the left as she was playing with him. From that picture, he got immediate desire to enter her, which he did. Making her rise, he turned her without unnecessary words her ass towards him, bent her over and entered. She was even wetter from inside and that gave him outrageous pleasure. He was hammering her pussy, hearing her roaring from pleasure, seeing her wiggling, leaning against the oak tree with her hands. When Jake was close to the end, he exited her a second before the cumming and did that on her back though some amount of sperm hit the oak tree – that strong his desire was and that big he got excited. Luckily, they had some napkins under a hand so girl can wipe herself. Some oak leaves also helped the situation for him.

“Well, next time in a week?”, he asked.

“Definitely!”, was her answer.

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