Ankara escort woman makes lot of sex with her Greek lover

» » Ankara escort woman makes lot of sex with her Greek lover

She went on a usual order, to a man with the interesting name, Adelphos. As it turned out later, he was a Greek and he had the marvelous body with hair on it and the long wide dick that a girl from Ankara escort could barely sustain. When he was inside of her, it felt almost like a huge thick stick enclasped with fire – the sensations of a girl in such moments were the mixture of pain and tremendous arousal, especially when she saw as this biggest dick exited her when he finished.

“I look girl to travel Thailand together” – he said on a bad English, “You come? I go tomorrow.”

“It will be like you will pay for my trip to Thai?” – she held her breath.

“Yes, 2 weeks in Thailand. I have boat. Good hotel, 5 stars. Come.”

It was far beyond what she expected from this seemed to be the usual call. Not often, Ankara escort girls are proposed to have a marvelous vacation with a good-looking guy with the nicest dick in the world. Of course, she agreed.

When she got out of a hotel, she had 5 hours only to gather stuff and take a passport, but she was at the airport even before him – she couldn’t miss such an opportunity. They met in the departure hall and registered. In an hour and a half, there were already taking off, and the 15-hours direct flight was taking them to a dreamland.

Bursa escort girl is looking at tremendously beautiful sunset near the mountains on Thailand’s Ko Tao island

Receiving her visa on arrival (Adelphos didn’t have to, as he was a citizen of the visa-free country), they packed their bags in the nearest taxi cab and went off. Before they had to arrive at their destination, there were 4 hours ahead from Bangkok to Ko Tao. Adelphos hired a speedboat to ride on the sea.

They were approaching their destination – and an Ankara escort girl saw the hotel was standing in the ocean, some dozen meters from the seashore line; even reception area was located in a sea. The look was magnificent, the same as the understanding of the fact that she was in the paradise on Earth – magnificent pale-blue sea, deep-blue skies, azure ocean line on a horizon, bamboo- and wood-made cabins standing on the piles on the water – it was a bliss itself. She was so excited that when they finally got to their cabin, she wanted invigorating sex. They only took shower (it was a shower cabin for two!) and their hands were flowing as if themselves, discovering the bodies of each other. She took a shower sponge and started to wash his penis gently, covering it in foam. She moved the skin on it from side to side to make it literally shine from cleanliness and when it was all sheer, she took it in her mouth, though only some part of it fit there. He took a hair shampoo and started pouring it on a girl, to make her greasy and sliding. Several more minutes of her oral and hand job – and he finished from the ecstasy of being possessed in a shower by a wonderful Ankara escort puss.

The next morning, when a guy that brought them breakfast, left, leaving two shiny trays full of delicacies, she was awake wearing a white bathing suit, so white that it was hurting eyes, but Adelphos was still sleeping. She started having a breakfast sitting on the chaise-longue looking at the rising sun, bathing in its fabulous warm beams though it was only 7.30 AM.

She was joined by Adelphos in 15 minutes – he was standing there naked, as a Greek god from ancient times, and some part of this idea was true – he was from this country. She smiled and looking at his mighty body and long cock, she was reassured in the idea that there is happiness on Earth, even if it will last only for two weeks. He was looking at her too: 4-sized breasts, slim belly, attractive face, slender legs… She was perfection with her dark hair, almost of a crown wing color. He got her up and took her bathing suit off. She was naked underneath, of course. He made her lean against the liners that limited their balcony and spread her legs apart. He felt her shiny velvety pussy with his palm, rubbing her clitoris a little. After, he entered her and started fucking slowly at first, increasing the pace with every second. A short time after, he finished, taking his cock outside, and the sperm jetted out of the balcony, mixing with waters of warm sea bay.

“Let’s eat,” were his next words and they started chewing their breakfasts, sitting the same naked on chaise-longues.

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