Bursa escorts girl could not resist the urge to spend time with her boss

» » Bursa escorts girl could not resist the urge to spend time with her boss

At a new job, somehow everything went wrong at once. The most important papers suddenly acquired the properties of rabbits from magical cylinders and hid at the most inopportune moment; the unfamiliar software was unwilling to obey even three weeks after the start of my new job here. Colleagues, when she entered the corridor, fell silent, as if for 10 seconds before the arrival, they spoke exclusively about her, and not in a good manner.

Having bitten her lip, Bursa escort girl Anna wrestled with the computer. The clock was a quarter to eight in the evening, and there was still no visible progress that would satisfy her. She wrinkled her forehead and nervously bitten her lips over and over. In despair, Anna slapped the table with her hand and leaned back in her chair, helplessly looking at a hellish monitor.

The door creaked behind her. She did not want to turn around but, making an effort, Anna looked over her shoulder. The sight made the young girl jump up from her work chair. In the accounts department came the director of the enterprise, an impressive man with nice posture. A plume of expensive French perfume swam through the room.

Slightly removing the frightened employee, the man looked at the program on the monitor. Looking from behind her shoulder, Bursa escort girl Anna tried to understand what was happening on the monitor. She literally leaned on the man, trying to at least see and understand something. Suddenly the man turned sharply.


His scent was so seductive that Anna instantly closed her eyes. Suddenly she wanted his strong arms to hold her and subordinate her desire. In just a few seconds, Anna’s fantasies became so realistic that she lost control of herself. The girl heard her own groan and felt her body tremble. The man really could not deal with his impulse of passion too, as the girl’s proximity was so real. They were alone in the premises.

Battling like a helpless kitten in the strong arms, Bursa escort girl Anna somehow did not resist at all until the chief unbuttoned her blouse and showered her neck with kisses. She obediently sat down on the edge of the table, closed her eyes and slowly spread her legs. He knelt in front of her and began to lick her pussy rhythmically. Anna arranged an unforgettable sex for him: she took his cock in her mouth and began to excite it. In a few seconds, it was strong and resilient. She swallowed it harder and harder, and then she started to play with testicles. In the meantime, the director was already turned on and wanted to enter her as soon as possible. But Anna did not hurry that much. She jumped to the table and began to dance, exciting the director more and more, caressing her breasts and vagina on his eyes.

Her dance was skillful like the Bursa escort girl’s one. In the meantime, he tried to get her, but she kept evasive, stepping back on the table, making excitatory groans and caressing her smoothly shaved pussy. Then he could not stand it any longer and climbed onto the table too, inclined the unruly subordinate female to the doggy style position, holding her tightly by the hair. Then he entered her and began to move, sharply and deeply penetrating into the harmonious body of the Bursa escort girl. Squeezing her buttocks, he went faster and faster and suddenly, his cock slipped and went into the ass a bit… Anna cried out and it drove the director on even more. He smeared her butthole with saliva and, under Anna’s sexual moans, began to enter deeper and deeper. She did not like it at first, but after a few minutes, she wanted it to all extent, and the director gave it to her. Orgasm of the Bursa escort girl was not long in approaching. Anna wriggled and slipped in the hands of the director all wet, and he, despite her orgasm, continued his sharp moves further. Anna jumped off him and began again to do him a deep blowjob. Fear that someone could come in any second excited them more and more and now he also finished to her excitement.

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