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She walked down the street. It was a remarkable day in April, sun was shining, the mood was brilliant.

But her joy was overshadowed by a man who accidentally pushed her shoulder, she fell, and oranges from her bag fell on the asphalt turkey escort.

The culprit of the incident rushed to help her to gather quickly the scattered fruits. He offered her his arm.

– Excuse me, please. Aren’t you hurt? – he asked.

– No, I guess. Only now my skirt is dirty, – she said.

– Maybe, you’ll come to my place, you’ll wash it? I live near – he took her hand and led her down the street.


– Bathroom is there.

– Thank you, – she smiled sheepishly and headed down the corridor. The man grinned: under her black skirt, he saw black lace stockings. It reminded him one horny girl from Ankara escort he once met.


– Black or green?

– Mm?

– What tea do you like?

– Black, – she said, coming into the room. Man saw her white shirt wet laps, which was illuminated through the dermis with nice bra. It was 2nd reminder about that Ankara escort girl.

Soon after consumption of that ‘tea’, she suddenly felt dizzy & could see only his slight smile…


Girl has woken up and found that she still has a headache, with hands hurt. She tried to move them, but she could not, she opened her eyes and found herself lying on a huge bed with black satin sheets, naked, in some underwear, consisting of one pair of lace and satin ribbons. Exactly the same ribbons have been tied to the handcuffs connected with the headboard above her head. She looked around.

Max was sitting next to the bed, in a chair wearing only trousers. He was reading something in a notebook in his hand and was holding a glass of whiskey. Noticing that she looks at him, a guy came up to her and took the glass from the table.

– You’re already awake? Here, drink this. It’ll help from the headache. – He ankara escort girls held the glass to her lips with a reddish liquid. She drank obediently. The drink was sweet. Indeed, headache gradually began to go away, but it has come to replace the hot wave of pleasure. He lewdly smiled, looking into her eyes. Her insides turned over, there was a feeling that she just fell into the abyss, and the next moment her body went through a wave of pleasure, and it was incredibly hot, her cheeks covered with blush. The smile on his face widened. Maybe was it any kind of Viagra?

Max lifted her chin and looked into her eyes, gave her a little excitement. Then he stroked her neck, collarbone and teased nail strap dress element resembling a bra. She blushed. It was very wrong but pleasant to feel like one of those escort girls who are ready for any dirty thing. He admired his creation, kissed her lightly, smiled and stared at her lips with powerful kiss that brooked no objection, under which shamefully capitulated most coherent thoughts. Only she began to respond to him as he stepped back and pulled something from under his pillow.

– It is a pity, of course, to close such lovely eyes, but…

A dense patch of the same black satin laid on her eyes.

Her breath hitched. His fingers were like light velvet, whose touch was too easy, she wanted more and more. She felt that desire and imagined herself as one of the Ankara escort girls, so passionate and intimate.

– Get up on your elbows, – was heard nearby. – Spread your legs, – it has been said directly to the ear, whispering, so she could not resist but to obey. – Well done. Now bend the back. Stronger. – She came to a standstill in a frank attitude in the midst of a huge bed. – And now, get ready, – on her lips appeared soft black adhesive tape. – The fun is just beginning…

Whistling. Hit. Moan. She moaned invitingly through improvised gag, leaning her hips back, he smiled.

Max ran his fingers through her loins. She arched against his hand. His smile widened.

He stopped and took scotch away from her lips. But suddenly her lips accidentally touched his long, thin fingers. She was already very excited, so she decided also to please him, and took his fingers in her mouth, two at once. She smiled a little, and redoubled her efforts, almost letting his fingers out of her mouth, licking them, lubricating with saliva.

– Maybe we will occupy your mouth with something else?

It sounded so horny that she moaned. The situation began more and more like the escort girls order and she had nothing against this role-play. The next moment there was a rustling of untied ribbon and leather handcuffs were disconnected from headboard. Kate froze in anticipation. Her lips touched the head of the Max’s excited flesh.

She gently licked it around with her tongue and immediately took into her mouth, enjoying the reaction of the man. He exhaled sharply and put his hand on her neck, squeezing the strand of hair, piercing her throat deeper. She moaned, bringing him even more enjoyment, and felt the hot jet of sperm that spilled thrusts into her mouth. Kate coughed a little, he let go of her hair.

He sat down and stroked her inner thigh, she almost kept moaning.

Man possessively patted her and slapped hardly. The man ran his hand up the inside of her thighs, holding his fingers beside still intact holes.

She jerked, as if had an electric shock. He smiled and flipped her onto her back again, tied the handcuffs to the back of the bed so that she could not even move her hands.

Max stepped aside and began to admire the picture appeared: she was in a so-called bra, blushing, embarrassed, huddling with the breath and tried to move her legs. He smiled and pulled the satin ribbons. The last item of clothing was on the floor next to the bed.

The man licked her lips; she arched against him, moaning softly. He bit her neck, just above the collarbone, and placed his hand on her chest, stroking gently. She bit her lip to keep from groaning.

She cried softly, he smiled, his arm fell below hurting abdomen and lay down on her thigh, squeezing it. Then he moved to the inner side, slowly approaching her from wet from the lubrication hole. She shivered, and the next moment he entered with the finger, stroking the inner walls, preparing, bringing to at excitation point. She could no longer move; she was only able to groan. Max decided to remove the adhesive tape from her lips. His fingers stroked the delicate skin inside her.

– Please… Take me… – she moaned.

In one motion, he fulfilled her completely. Her lips broke a loud groan, more like a cry. Max smiled, starting the movement.

Max abruptly entered her from behind; she arched her back, as it was only possible, breasts lying down on the bed. Her knees were slipping on a satin sheet, but no one paid any attention to it. Max held the ankara escorts girl’s hips and entered into her at a rapid, accelerating rate.

– Please… Ahh! Stronger! Yeah… – Max got into her as deeply as possible and in general it was a few moments later they fell exhausted on the bed, trying to catch their breaths.

The man reached out and pulled the ribbon on the back of the bed, handcuffs were opened, and Kate lowered her arms, clinging to him.

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