Girl was lying on the bed

» » Girl was lying on the bed

Girl was lying on the bed; her hand was conveniently located between her legs. She caressed her pussy, rhythmically pressing with her finger on the clitoris, and moved her hips in time with the movements, quietly moaning. On the laptop screen in front of her was opened page of the site dedicated to the escort girls service in Ankara.

The girl looked at candid photos of escort models and could not hold back her excitement. She had always liked not only men, but also women’s bodies: the graceful and flexible just as these escort girls’ ones. Her phone rang at the most inopportune moment. At the end of the line, she heard the voice of her friend Anna.
– Hi, – said Anna with voice full of fun, – What are your plans for the evening?
She made a few hand movements between her legs: she liked the feeling that Anna could see or hear what she was doing.
– I do not have any plans for today.
– Do you want to go to the movie? I prepared a surprise for you.
She smiled and felt intrigued, so she easily agreed to the meeting. Having decided to extend the pleasant feeling of excitement, she did not bring the matter to the end. She closed the site with an escort service in Ankara, turned off the laptop and went to the shower to freshen up. Her pussy was like at every step of the excitation that she was still experiencing this feeling. These sensations were the ones she really liked. Going into the shower and turned on the water, she began to gently and carefully soaping sponge body. At the same time, she noticed that once again began to be excited and very horny… Her hand lingered between her legs on the shaved pussy for too long position, but she knew that her friend did not like her being late, so forced herself to stop. She was very hot and wet between her legs, and she noticed that her panties were wet almost as soon as she put them on.
The road to the cinema was short-lived, a friend, too, was not long in coming. The girl seemed to move a little slower than usual, and strangely wagging her hips, but she decided that it was just her imagination. Anna took her hand and bent down to whisper in her ear:
– Let’s go to the toilet, I’ll show you my surprise.
She suddenly noticed that Anna was very similar to one of the girls from the site with russian escort ankara from Ankara, but the model was a brunette, and Anna had blonde hair.
As soon as the girls entered the bathroom, Anna pushed her friend in the cubicle. She sat down on the toilet seat, and Anna closed the door on the latch, and turned back to her friend. She unbuttoned her jeans, and then pulled them off, along with the panties almost to her knees. She then bent back and a little helped herself apart buttocks with her hands. In the depths of her ass, she saw the tip of a pink anal plug with a beautiful stone. She was dumbfounded:
– This is your surprise?
Anna only smiled slyly.
– No. Now it’s your turn.
Anna took her friend’s shoulders, helping to get up, then turned her back and asked to get up on the toilet seat with her knees and rest on elbows against the wall. The girl was interesting, but still she was very excited, so her friend’s orders she performed quickly and without objection. Anna lifted her skirt and pulled her girlfriend panties lower. Her eyes were shining and through the thin shirt was clearly seen how swollen her nipples are. Anna licked her index finger and began carefully to drive them on the gentle girlfriend’s labia, occasionally plunging it deeper. She was excited and quickly became wet again. After the girl’s body was responding to unexpected affection, Anna leaned over and spat on pink anus of her turkey escort. The next thing she felt was a finger of Anna, which she put inside her body. The girl could not and did not want to resist because of the excitement: the girlfriend supported her body, gently hugging her belly. She grew bolder and began to sink into the anus of the girl with two fingers. She moaned softly, but a friend stopped her. Anna pulled from her bag a second plug, which has no differences from the first, and deftly and gently plunged the toy into the anus of the friend. Then she helped her to dress. She was wet between her legs, she felt very horny and she was afraid that someone will notice a wet spot on her panties. Ass ached a little from the general congestion, but girl even liked these feelings. Both girls were excited to the top limit. After that, the girls went to the cinema. Their seats were in the upper ranks, so close to them no one was sitting.
As soon as the film started the screen, Anna undid the button on her jeans, took the hand of a friend and slipped it into her panties. Between the legs, Anna was hot, wet and smooth. She started touching the clitoris of her girlfriend, gently pressing down on it, and Anna at the same time put her hand under her skirt and her neighbor was doing the same caressing motions. Girls’ fingers were moving up and down the gentle friend’s crotch, sometimes she plunged them deeper into the girl’s body. Through the noisy film was not heard their movements, and when on the screen was a sex scene, the two friends were no longer restraining themselves, voluntarily widened their legs apart and stretched out in the comfortable chairs. Sometimes they lean closer to each other and merge their lips in a kiss: soft elastic tongues caressed each other and wet and soft moans flowed from one hot mouth to the other.
By the time the film began to be approached by the end, the girls have stopped counting orgasms, there were too many of them. Anal ring clamped tubes and pulsed in time with the movements of deft delicate fingers. At the final credits Anna had to clamp her mouth, not to moan louder, but in the hall no one noticed their games.
After the session began to light up the light in the room, Anna slyly asked her friend if she liked the surprise. She just smiled and playfully bit her lip: she knew that in the house at home she will continue this game, because a full of exciting erotic pictures site of ankara escort girls is waiting for her, and her ass was still clutching the tight plug. Anna has not demanded the toy back, she liked to think as her girlfriend plays with her body and thinks about their little secrets.

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