Several Turkey adventures

» » Several Turkey adventures

Her 25th birthday, Lisa decided to celebrate with a trip to the sea. In a good mood, she and her new boyfriend went on a journey on his car in hopes of great relax. Relax of body and soul and just having a good time. They’ve always wanted to go to Turkey, and Alex used to say he wanted to admire the beautiful girls ankara escort.

They came in the night so to the dawn, the man was tired and they stopped to have some sleep. Lisa did not particularly want to, so she went to wander around the neighborhood parking in a certain small town. She went into the shop – there was nowhere else to go. She sat down on the curb next to the store and drank a bottle of beer. A drink, then another one. At about two o’clock Lisa decided to finally stop this lonely drunkenness and returned to the car (taken, however, a bottle of champagne from the store).


Alex sat behind the wheel, and said that in order to wake he must swim, Lisa did not mind. They’ve been looking for the ramp to the river, and finally found the place, completely undressed and rushed to the river. Lisa opened the champagne. When the young man came out of the water, Lisa, hugged him from behind, clung to his naked body, her hands quickly got to his cock, which immediately appreciated the rush and began to strain. Alex suddenly felt himself shy, and although no one was around, he tried to escape, but Lisa was not going to stop what she has started. Towel strewn at his feet, and his organ was already… ready. Finally, the guy put up with the situation, turned sharply to the girl and for some time they kissed, while Lisa did not forget to move her hand – his little helper has become of a rock-solid, but she wanted it more and more.


Sitting on haunches, she began to lick the penis with her tongue and mouth. Lisa was shaking – that’s how much she wanted it. He spread his legs a little, giving her the opportunity to play with the testicles in ankara escorts. Pulled off the girl’s t-shirt, Alex began to stroke her breasts; he always did it strongly enough, because they both loved it.


Finally, Lisa got up and quickly pulled shorts, left completely naked. They had sex only a couple of times, in bed at night, so it was like something unusual and embarrassing, it was necessary to proceed rapidly.


Alex lay on his back, Lisa stood over him, having decided to play a little bit. She squatted over his chest, so that only he could see her in every detail… so close as it was possible. It was evident that he was excited to the limit, and could not tear his eyes from her wet pussy. To enhance the effect, Lisa began to fondle herself with fingers, pussy widely opened in front of him, and gradually moved closer to his face.


Finally, seeing as he is eagerly looking at Lisa, she just stopped up nearby his mouth, sitting on his face and began to move slightly back and forth, right on his hot tongue. It did not last long, it was simply impossible to endure and Lisa, standing, turned and, helping herself with a hand, sat on his stone-hard penis. This sweet moment of the first dive was incredibly pleasant. Sitting down to the end, feeling his confidence, Lisa slowly began to move up and down, increasing the tempo. After a few seconds, she was overwhelmed with powerful orgasm. Finely trembling, for some time Liza stood still, feeling the pulsing dick inside of her.


Alex got up from the ground. His dick was sticking as a spear. It was evident that he wants more. He sharply cocked her hands, turned her back to him and bowed. Lisa had to use her hands so not to fall in a point when dick has come sharply into her. She even gasped. Alex began to furiously peck her, far pounding himself into her and squeeze her buttocks with his hands. Lisa quickly took his pace and new orgasm was not long in coming, it was stronger and brighter than the previous one. Escort Ankara She slid to the ground and sat for a while with her eyes closed, experiencing just received buzz. When she opened her eyes, she saw that Alex was jerking his dick in inches from her face, clearly intending to finish right on it.


Previously, Lisa never allowed to do so, it seemed, that only girl escort from Ankara do so, but this time she decided to try and to excite him even more, Lisa opened her mouth and slightly closed her eyes, and at that point the jet of hot sperm flew in her mouth and around it, giving a vivid taste. Lisa’s mouth closed, and the next shot hit the lip, then the cheek, forehead, even hair. All this time, Lisa sat in front of him on his haunches, leaning back and leaning on hand. Finally, flow dried up. Lisa opened her eyes, seeing his happy face.


Very strange feelings raged inside her. It was strange but incredibly nice to expose a face to these spicy, warm stream. Never before she had such an experience. Lisa has decided to wash herself in the water, swim for a while and after dressed silently. Alex tried to say something, but Lisa did not hear. Dressed somehow, she collapsed to sleep on the back seat, knowing that something has changed inside her. Some new, previously unfamiliar sensations were born, and Lisa knew exactly she wanted to experience such things again and again. Lisa even thought that if this makes her look like an escort lady from Ankara, she likes it.


Lisa and Alex had a falling out: she wanted to drive a car and scratched it accidentally. Alex was angry: he dropped Lisa at the curb and left alone. Destination remained no more than in ten kilometers, but she was angry.


However, she was lucky. Five minutes later, she was picked up by some bus and it drove almost to the door of the hotel. Finally, she was in the room, had shower. Tight, hot water jets quickly produced the effect, she has changed into a bathrobe and got on the couch. Lisa fell asleep from exhaustion, she was awakened by the roar from the next room: very loud neighbors turned on the TV. Lisa decided to deal with rude neighbors escort in ankara, but no one responded to knocking on the door, so she brazenly opened the door.


On the bed, legs spread wide, revealing all the charm, was laying a woman, beautiful like a model escort. She was alone. Blonde, short-haired. Large, full-fledged chest with large halos of swollen nipples, nice, well-groomed body. The woman rolled her eyes with pleasure, was sucking the fingers of one hand, the other hand at that time was stroking her place below the stomach. TV screamed deafening, but even through this noise, the woman gasps and moans could be heard.


Lisa was russian escort ankara fascinated watching this picture, squatting down, so not to impersonate herself. But the girl in the room seemed to have no interest to anyone at all. A minute later, she was still stroking her pussy, gently touching her with one, then with the other hand. Then, plunging into fingers, pulls them passionately, licks, and then repeating it again and again. The other hand this time squeezed breasts, pinched her nipples. The woman arches her back. Lisa felt suddenly quite indifferent to this action.


Lisa’s hand was already between her legs deep, girl was breathing smooth and frequent, eyes glued to the slag on the bed. Lisa took off her robe and sat on it, curled up against the wall. Legs apart and pressed her hands to her pussy, she continued to watch this free porn. Now she really felt like the heroine of the adventure with escort models from Turkey. The woman, meanwhile, got into the taste – deep plunging fingers, she fucked herself violently, loudly shrieking in rhythmical movements. Lisa, never taking his eyes off her, was stroking herself, gradually speeding up the pace and could not help repeating the motions.


After a few moments, the girls were moving completely in sync as if they had sex together. Lisa was covered with sweet, long orgasm tremors, thousands of small explosions in the head, causing her to tease her with hand firmly between her legs. For a while, Lisa was sitting with eyes closed, allowing the body to feel the languor, and suddenly realized that cannot hear the TV screen.


When Lisa opened her eyes, horror of horrors, on the balcony, a meter away from her there was this woman standing – rolled up in the sheet, a cigarette in her mouth.

– Hi, stranger – she smiled.

Lisa did not know what to say, just trying to pull a fussy gown, confused. Still smiling woman threw a cigarette butt into the street and went to her room. Lisa finally put on her robe.

– Come on, what are you waiting for escort girls? – Liza has heard from the room. And Lisa, with bated breath, crosses the threshold of another hotel room to meet her vacation adventures.

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