She masturbated. I knew that for sure.

» » She masturbated. I knew that for sure.

She masturbated. I knew that for sure. Just beside me at arm’s length, on a nearby shelf… Short breaths passed in barely audible moans, indistinguishable from the exhalation. Before my eyes flashed footage from a video that I saw recently: exciting video with an ankara escort girls. I remembered that the girl was very similar to her appearance.

I woke up just a minute ago, but I was shaking with excitement. Train almost silently raced forward, there were only lights on the doors and on the shelf in front of me there was a woman secretly caressing herself… I wanted her already unbearable, and was afraid to move, so as not to startle. Her name is Christina, it seems? Interestingly, is she just a fellow traveler or I was lucky to meet another beautiful girl, like the one that I once met in the escort service in Ankara?
I remember her long, wavy hair, brown eyes and full lips. Brunette, low and slender: I remember talking to her in a compartment in the evening; I tried hard not to stare at her ample bosom. I would like to embrace it now and feel stronger this cool delicate skin in my palms.
Probably, she is now spreading her legs apart; he launched a right hand into her panties and caresses her wet lips there. And maybe even twisting her nipples with her left hand… I wonder what her panties looks like and what she wears at all? When I returned before bedtime, Christina was lying under a blanket, so I only remember only white sleeve of her T-shirt. Unlike dress escort girls from Ankara, this dress was modest.
Trembling with excitement, I reached under the table and touched the neighboring shelves. Soft mattress swayed, almost touching my ankara escort fingers – so I’m right, and Christine caresses herself right there in front of me. Her body was very close to my hand; it seemed to me that I felt subtle warmth of her skin.
I decided to call her by her name: “Christine!..”. She answered nothing. She touched my hand with hers and stroked the fingers. I felt her cool skin as a fire. I massaged her hand, taking advantage of the fact that she did not resist, and then ran my hands under the blanket.
When I touched her bare stomach, she visibly flinched, but still said nothing. I stroked her belly. Led hand above, felt the edge of T-shirt and ran my hand under the shirt.
More above, and here’s my hand has grabbed the bottom of her right breast. Heavy, tender breast of excited woman: I almost gasped with pleasure. Christine was silent. In the dark, I could not see her face, but imagined that she was looking straight at me. For a little, I crushed her chest, felt with the other hand the other breast and squeezed it straight through the blanket. Hardly audible exhalation was my answer.
I let my hands in the course and began to explore her beautiful breasts as followed: they lifted, gripped, rotated slightly and stroked. Christina moaned quietly and was excitedly breathing in response. I found her nipples and twisted them, massaged, as elastic berries. I felt the smell of hot female body and the aroma was driving me crazy.
Right-handed, I felt her panties and ran my hand right there. She was hot and humid. My fingers moistened with the vagina juice, which almost ran down her legs. I stroked her wet lips with my palm and felt like my cock rings almost off the voltage. Fingers themselves drowned in the depth of the wet ankara escorts, and I plunged them even deeper, enjoying the availability of an unknown woman.
I lifted her shirt, picked up her lovely breasts and was finally able to touch her lips. Hot big nipples responded to my touch damp and strained all stronger. When they completely hardened, I again kissed Christina’s lips and took up her panties.
Aroma-groomed female body pissed me off; I felt thin elastic of her panties and pulled it down. Slowly, with pleasure freeing her legs, I brought these shorts to my face and breathed in their scent, using the fact that she does not see it in the dark. Inviting natural flavor finally brought me crazy: I would like to immerse myself in this delicious stream.
I picked up Christina for firm buttocks and put her on the shelf diagonally. One leg hung down, and the second she placed on the edge of the shelf. This pose was familiar to me: luxury slender legs just as moved apart the escort girl in Ankara. She moved her legs wider, knelt down and pressed my face to her damp crotch.
I caressed and fingered her soft labia, tongue was massaging the clitoris and I put my finger into her hot vagina. Christina was moaning louder and louder, forcing me to try even harder. Her legs wound around my neck, I stroked the soft folds on her stomach and rubbed her breasts with my free hand. My nose with pleasure inhaled hot heat of her body.
Christina was moaning, her luscious walls squeezed my fingers and were throbbing, moisture was dripping down her thighs and ass on down escort ankara, my mouth was full of all her juice and my tongue was a little tired of the continuous movement. I enjoyed the suppleness and obedience of women, gave her affection and enjoy it no less than she did.
She suddenly gripped my shoulders and let out a scream louder than a long, sobbing moan. I with pleasure was listening to the groan, until it ended. Christina intermittently breathed and trembled from my accidental contact. I stood up, bent over her and kissed her.
Her respond to my kiss was very gentle. ‘Come here’, she said and after a minute, I pulled off my clothes and in another minute, I put the excitation languishing dick to her damp labia. My cock slid deeper and I felt the hot moisture on my hips.
I did push deeper, felt the elastic walls and began rhythmically to enter my cock stronger and stronger, enjoying every movement. My hips were touching her thighs, my hands kept her legs on my shoulders; she moaned and stroked my palms on the thighs. I pierced in her, imagined it all and received an extraordinary pleasure. Again and again, before my eyes flashed memories of crazy sex with an escort girl from Ankara.
After a while, I got tired to keep her legs on my shoulders and turned her on the shelf to her ass. I stood on the floor and firmly took her by the hips, spread on my penis. It seemed I was getting into her deeper and harder. She moved towards me with her booty, getting closer to my cock.
After a couple of thrusts, I cum right in her, feeling the elastic hot jets gush from the head of the penis directly into the wet flesh of the female womb. I felt the elastic walls of the vagina throughout the whole length of the cock. Christina waited patiently while I rest and leave her wet hole.
I took my already slightly limp cock and sat on the edge of the shelf next to her. We were all wet and exhausted. Christine laid down on her side and apparently just laid quietly resting.
In the morning, when the train rushed to the station, we did not exchange any contacts parted, but Christina permanently lodged in my fantasies escort in ankara

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