Silent obedience

» » Silent obedience

– Ahhh, – out of my mouth escaped a groan, – Master…

His cock abruptly came into my hot pussy. A wave of incredible excitement ran in my body. I am so pleased to feel myself as an exclusive escort girls

– Shut up, you are allowed to open your mouth only to take my cock, – with the words man took the gag from the mirrored table in the form of small balls with a leather strap on the other side. Gag immediately appeared in my mouth, and durable straps secured it on my head.

– Hmmm, – now I could just hum with delight as Master rhythmically bored my pussy. He was right: I really was like the obedient girl escort Ankara that could open her mouth only at his request.

First, he fucked me in doggy style on the floor, roughly. This only increased my feelings that I was one from Ankara escorts. He forced me to bend over backwards in the back to my nipples rubbed against the carpet. And my hands were behind my back fastened to each other by black fur handcuffs.

When the Master got sick of such a posture, he abruptly pulled his cock out of my pussy and held me by the hair, so that I found myself in front of him on my knees. From the same table, where the gag laid, he put the goods to the nipples. First he was hurting my chest, biting nippies, he beat them with his hand, and then took loads, pulled my nipples and attached weights to them. I howled.

The Master sat on the sofa; his cock was still standing. I immediately realized what I needed to do, as obedient girl from russian escort ankara. With hands behind my back, I climbed onto the couch and began to sit down on a cock of the Master.

Another groan was trying to get me out of the mouth when I fully sat on his Willie.

And then I had to move: from my pussy flowed juice, becoming nicer with every movement; and loads on the teats have made it all the more painful, because with each friction my breasts were moving to the beat.

After a few minutes, the Master took over: he grabbed my hips with his big hands, and began to make the beat faster and faster. I was spitted on his dick. I wanted to moan and shout, but the gag has not allowed doing so. After another three minutes of fucking in a wild pace, I had finished: orgasm ran over the body wave of frenzied pleasure, I felt like all my muscles relaxed, and beat small limbs in cramp. My Master had finished too. I could feel his big cock throbbing as hot cum fills me up from inside, and it brought me even greater pleasure.

We sat on the couch for about two minutes, breathing heavily, and only when breathing came at a normal pace, he pulled his dick out of me. His sperm flowed out, and my pussy was still throbbing. The Master of the straps unbuckled the gag and pulled it from my mouth.

– Who let you finish first? – his voice was kind, but strict, – you will be punished.

– Yes, Master, your little girl escort in Ankara should be punished.

He threw me on the floor, and he got up from the couch and walked over to the closet, standing on the opposite side of the wall and took out a leather whip with a wooden handle and a spacer, which is attached to the legs.

He came to me, undid the handcuffs and removed the goods from the nipples. Then the Master has fixed brace on my ankles so that I could not keep my feet, and made me get up on all fours so I could rely with my hands on the sofa.

– You will count.

– Yes, Master.

And then the Master suddenly lowered his whip on my buttocks. Startled, I let out a strangled croak, but the numbers began:

– O-one…

I heard the Master grinned. And then he again cut the air with his whip, and it sank back on my buttocks.

– T-two…

After the twelfth stroke, I began to rattle and shout more often, and the words became quieter, but I suffered for twenty turkey escort strokes.

– Good, good girl, – said the Master, and with these words, patted me on the ass, which was already extremely sick.

Then he took off my brace and put it back in the closet.

– Go take a shower and get ready for tonight, we are waiting for the guests.

– Yes, my Master.

And, after rising up from my knees, I slowly went to the shower, thinking about what will happen tonight…


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