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You are all so super-duper busy. At the same time you are to perform a dozen cases – mobile phone, computer, copier, paper… He’s the boss. And he likes your soft ass and smile from ear to ear and a slender body. He secretly wants you in the role of ankara escort girls, with whom he met on vacation several times…

With the spinal cord, you feel a burning sensation on the views. And, one day, you come into his office with papers to sign, and he was just about to leave. You encounter and papers fly around, slipped off your hands!

You’re stunned. You go down to collect them. You realize that you stand on your lap and look at the big serious boss from the bottom up. And so many things in his eyes. A pause hangs. You can hear the slow ticking of large minute arrow in his cabinet…

Your throat is dry. The head has jumping thoughts. Heart is pounding furiously.

Dizzy. Suddenly, you are rocking forward, to a man. Lips are close to the pants. Do you hear the smell? The smell of the man. Not understanding what you’re doing, you begin to stroke it gently with your fingertips. Then press your lips to good-quality fabric, you drink flavor maddening.

You cover his cock through the pants and stroking. He breathes heavily. Raise your hands, but do not give them the will, clenching and unclenching fists.

You close your eyes and touch his cock with your cheek against, feeling the ripple. Now you feel like escort model.

Unfasten the belt and buttons on the fly. Pants falls down. This is what you want now most of all. Deliver enjoyment to this big strong man…

From balls to bridle and back. And again, and again… then rapid movements of the tongue caress under the eggs, claws scratching. Hoarse sighs are heard from above. You serve well, you act as a professional escort model from ankara escorts; this awareness fills the warmth of your crotch.

You like to play with this man, to feel your feminine power. Closing your eyes, you lick this big and delicious candy. Impossible… Enjoying the sound of heavy breathing.

Suddenly he abruptly grabs you by the hair. You’re frightened and excitedly widely open your eyes and see his face.

He pauses for a moment. You’re licking your lips, looking defiantly at him. With his free hand, man takes a dick at the ready and brings to your face. You pretend like trying to turn away.

– Open your mouth.

You hit a shiver at the words and harsh tone. The jaw itself is relaxing, letting the manhood idol in. First the head, then more, more, more, more, deeper…

Diligently working with lips and tongue. Helping with the hands. One jerks off the cock, the other is working the testicles. You are standing on your knees in your office uniform and suck your boss. As the escort service girl, who often behaves like that.

You clasp your arms around his waist. He’s already fucking you deep in the throat, holding your head in his large hands. You gasp, drooling, but it’s an incredible thrill!

And then you feel that a cock stiffened, pressed onto the inner wall of the throat and began to shoot the hot caramel into you. Oh, my God, yeah! You merge in the general pleasure…

He pulls out his Willie. You’re both breathing heavily. You wash the semen out of the corners of your mouth with escort ankara fingers. And you’re smiling, looking upwards. You’re warm and happy. He, too, is smiling and stroking your hair.

Knees, tongue and larynx are smarting. In the mouth, it tastes manly. Sounds are muffled and low due to hurt throat. Hair is matted. Skirt is ridden. Mascara is smeared – you shed a few tears of pleasure and suffering. But didn’t you like it, sweet escort lady?

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