The Lust Game Under The Table

» » The Lust Game Under The Table

Her longtime boyfriend invited her on a ‘stag’ about his upcoming wedding, obviously with a view to put an end to a long chain of their relationship.

Their meetings, starting with the first, had the character of a joint uncontrolled ankara escorts sexual insanity. They never planned anything, it always happened suddenly.

Supermarket, airport, marina, hotel decorations were simply furious for their lust. That’s it, lust, because after violent sex began the same brutal hatred.

Exhausted after orgasms, they said ‘goodbye’, promising each other the next unexpected bright ‘love battles.’

She was at a party at his unfamiliar to her friends; it happened that no one ever met her. She was a guest at his bachelor party, a call girl, seductress from Ankara escort. He completely unemotional looked at her.

She lifted her skirt and he saw her “full readiness” to recklessness. She had ‘explosive’ bright makeup with big eyes with long lashes, bleached face with juicy red lips. She wore transparent blouse with glued shiny hearts on nipples. She also had naked belly with piercing. Black tights with ‘open access’ and high heels made him groan from the attack of uncontrolled lust. She looked like a girl from the escort ankara. It was impossible not to want her.

The windows were wide open; she pointedly laid down on a windowsill, supposedly looking out the window. The flow of the air from the room lifted her skirt, appeared to him an incredible picture of high-end underwear ‘open access’ to perfected vagina of a girl from escort ankara.

There was his obsession, he had nothing around to see or hear. He just came closer and, without any questions, brutally raped her on the windowsill, his deeply inserted cock was captured by pulsating women trained muscles that drove him to ecstasy without any frictions. Nobody knew what was happening in front of everybody.

Suddenly, in the apartment entered a young girl, probably, a bride of him, looking at the audience. Lying on the windowsill, girl from ankara escort girls quickly realized the situation and dove under the table, being among male legs.

Taking her trick over some joke, one pair of legs suddenly parted zipper: his fly was open and she could see the cock.

The number of cocks has been increasing; they were hard and big, waiting for the continuation of the game.

At the top of the table, they bet trying to guess who of them will be the first for her to suck. For more excitement, they turned off the light so the faces wouldn’t look that obvious.

Man who invited her first felt her hot tongue on his penis. She licked his dick like a lollipop, and men sitting nearby, heard the sounds that were vulgar and horny. Her hands fluttered easily from side to side, touching the one or the other dick, and the men responded to the touch. Even such a trifle was enough to make sitting men close to getting into frenzy.

But most of all she tried to caress the hero of the day. She was swallowing his candy as deep as possible, as a professional lover of escort in ankara, hugged it with her lips and rubbed the tongue on the tender flesh. At that moment, she felt that orgasm is near, she leaned forward, all the way to the mouth, she opened her throat to the throbbing penis, and the man had cum into her mouth, filling her esophagus with warm sperm.

When she got up from under the table, her face looked satisfied. Men were looking at her with lust, and she was not shy about her nudity and promiscuity at all. The game had the rules and was ready to obey them…

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