The summer story

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This story took place in the summer. Me with my friend Lana successfully passed the exams for the second semester of the first course and were provided to all summer winds. I’m pretty shy girl which cannot be said about Lana. She always adheres to the stories because of her fiery temper.

Besides her bright appearance – lush breasts and pretty face – she attracted everyone. She looked like a real escort in ankara. About me, it was impossible to say so, I looked like a typical girl, thin with a little breast, a minimum of makeup and hair neatly folded in a ponytail. Despite me and my friend were so different, we were comfortable and having fun almost all the time together.

We wanted to celebrate the exams’ passage. So, we met in the evening close to the city center, where there was a very good bar. It was small and cozy, a neat place where you can escape from the bustle of the city, where there is no pathos typical for network institutions. The bar was full of people, we were lucky, that just at the moment of our arrival a couple of young men released a table. The waiter seated us there. We took the bottle of wine and chatted quietly, discussing plans for the future. Then I drew attention to the large inflated man of approximately thirty years. He furtively looked at us. I was a little tense, but did not show that. My friend did not notice him at first, carried away by talk. Half an hour later, a man approached and offered to meet and sit down with us. I wanted to refuse, but Lana had time to accept his offer. He gallantly came to us as if we were escort girls Ankara, instead of just two ordinary students.

Some time after he casually began to treat us cocktails. With him, it was interesting to talk to, but the alcohol was acting, and I gradually became intoxicated, even though I was feeling good. I decided that I do not mind to spend the evening, and maybe a night, in good company, and the man could not be better suited for this purpose. Lana apparently was agreeing with me: she was very sociable, made a lot of laughing. It seems that our man liked both of us; he did not hide it, but did not single out any of us that I really liked, because none of us did feel odd. So how we came in his country house, I don’t remember. My friend was so drunk that she fell asleep and I was dragged to the second floor. He herded me into the bathroom and started to undress. Then I felt as one of the escort girls from escort girls, but I even liked that feeling.

I almost did not resist. He turned on the shower and ordered to stand under it. While I was going with the thoughts, he undressed and climbed up to me in the shower. Touching his muscular body was very nice, and I felt the excitement. Then he pressed the power on my shoulders and commanded: “Suck.” I knelt down, obeying his command and began to do it.

His Willie was bigger than usual and very hard, practically as a stone. Unable to bear my slow motion, he grabbed me by the hair and began to fuck my mouth with fast movements. I was almost suffocating. He suddenly stopped and grabbed me in his arms, carried into the room and threw on a huge bed. By this time I was wet, it excited him even more. I felt that he was watering my ass with something slimy and cold. While continuing to fuck me he put something into my ass. Sweet orgasm covered me. Then I realized that the thing in my ass has severely swollen, he pulled it out and tried to enter with his cock.

I tensed on the thought that big cock could not take place in my tiny butts. But contrary to my expectations, he has got there easily. As soon as I felt it inside the feeling that I’m russian escort ankara model immediately came back. The man again began to accelerate. He fucked my ass without regret very passionately; it seemed to me that here now it does not stand the pressure. He growled, came out of the priests and grabbed me by the neck, drove his cock in my mouth. He finished immediately and abundantly, so I did not have time to swallow all of the sperm and flowed from his mouth and dripped onto the bed. He was pleased. Never before, I have been fucked so well and it was the first real orgasm for me. I settled on his shoulder and fell asleep. In the middle of the night he woke me a couple of times and we had sex, once he finished right in my ass, the second he forced me to masturbate him with only my hand. I woke up with the feeling of his hot fingers between my legs and it made me instantly get wet. Once he woke me up just for a few minutes, just to bring to orgasm. His skillful fingers caressed between my legs, he plunged them deep into my body and I did still not have to wake up to the end, I placed on his fingers as rhythmically as I could. The orgasm was very strong and at the same time I did not restrain my groans, I knew that my friend was asleep, and the neighbors were not here. After I finished, the man just let me sleep again, this time till the morning.

In the morning I woke up, he was not there. Going down to the first floor, I caught him with Lana on the couch. He leaned her back on the sofa and was passionately fucking her in the ass. She looked amazing: incredibly dissolute and sexy at the same time as a professional escort girl. I tried to get away, but he saw me and ordered to come and sit down next to him. He made me watch as his thick beefy dick comes at a time in Lana’s ass, then in her pussy, he was accelerating the movement, on the contrary, slowed down to give me a look at how my friend’s body is pleased to feel his Willie in. At the same time Lana was completely naked, her cheeks flushed, she moaned loudly just as me yesterday. Occasionally she looked at me and licked his lips, at the same time I felt a little shudder and knew that my nipples are hard and swollen for a long time, and it is already wet between my legs. When the man realized that soon he would cum, he came out of Lana’s body and directed his cock to my face. Warm sperm literally shot out of poured dick and stained my lips and cheeks. He then let us go with Lana to the shower.

The shower was a large cabin in which we can easily fit both. Lana started to wash, slowly soaping washcloth and shower gel on her breasts, buttocks, thighs, and I for some time was just watching her movements. I was wondering if my presence bothered her when the owner of the house was fucking her in both holes. I asked how she was feeling, and Lana replied that feels great. Immediately after that, she turned to me, put her hands on my hips, and asked if I was happy with what was happening. I just nodded and Lana leaned over and kissed me. It was a deep kiss with tongue and I felt inside of me pulled taut drive unit. A minute later, I opened my eyes and saw that a man was standing behind the door and was watching us through the glass doors of the shower. In his hand was a cup of coffee and he smiled. When Lana noticed him, she looked into his eyes, lowered her hand between my legs and started stroking me turkey escort. The man nodded, and I spread my legs wider and closed my eyes. Lana’s caressing hand took a few minutes to bring me to the orgasm. As soon as I finished, Lana gently and sensually kissed my lips and slapped me on my ass before she turned off the water and got out of the bathtub.

After a hot morning, he fed us with breakfast and we went home. This story has remained our secret, we did not tell anyone about it.

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