Was she my imagination or it truly happened?..

» » Was she my imagination or it truly happened?..

Bright red hair has flashed on the porch of the building. Here she is, my beautiful unattainable goal. Playful girl with a look of experienced temptress escort model, illuminating everything around her with a radiant smile.

I hang my jacket on a hook in the locker room, she floats among the limp gray mass, burning in their background with soft fervent flame.
She does not know what I have prepared for her today. Perhaps after that she will claim me abnormal and will stop talking with me, but I have to take the risk. A brief skirt is barely covering the most interesting, it suits in the best way for my ideas. White blouse with a plunging neckline. She looks like one of Ankara escort girls or russian escort ankara, whom I admired on all these photos. This all of her: Christine always managed to look different: she is a modest girl, the seductive sexy diva; at other times, she could be the same as now, embarrassingly depraved and at the same time completely naive. As if she has especially chosen this day.
I go after her. In the light of the sun, poured the amber in spacious corridors, my companion looks magnificently. I cannot lose sight of Christina; I have to get to her. She sits on her favorite spot near the wall, and I locate next to her. Her slender body so tempting close, chocolate tanned skin makes me crazy. It is light, barely covering all the most valuable pieces with cloth, inflames the fire of desire. I want her more and more passionately every passing second.
Slowly I touch the knee of Christina and my greedy fingers run up to the very top of her skirt. The body of the beautiful red-haired girl runs with trembling, flushed cheeks instantly flare up, and her eyes, gaze into my face with surprise.
‘What the hell are you doing?’ – She looks at me severely, but, surprisingly, although it seems to me, if she gets used to the role of Russian escort girl. Or maybe I’m just dreaming too much?
We’re actually out of sight. I blatantly put my hand on her hip, letting the words run deaf, and revel with her velvet-soft skin. Moved her foot once or twice in the hope to lose my hand, she grabs with her thin fingers the collar of my shirt and stares at me.
I want her even more, so daring, rebellious. Frankly, without fear of anyone or anything, I climb up under her skirt and my palm covers the most secret place, hidden from the fingers with thin cloth of her panties.
‘Relax and enjoy.’ – I whisper in her ear, hot breath is burning it with my own passion and lust.
Through the fabric, I feel the call of her fever. She did not resist, surrendering to the will of my hands; trying to fill the quiet kind, she moves her hips impatiently to meet my fingers. She does this instinctively, but skillfully, and I can easily imagine her in the role of escort ankara models from Ankara.
Because of excitation, Christina bites a lip, holding back moans carefully. I stroke her, feeling light material gets wet to the skin. She is delightfully sensitive and susceptible to caresses. Worried blue eyes run around the cabinet, slender fingers adhere so that even the knuckles turn white because of tension.
With one deft movement, I slip under the fabric cover, touching the flushed flesh. Intermittent breathing, Christina gets a chair more comfortable, pushing the slender legs wider; that makes it easy to me. I gently lead round her clitoris with my fingers, inflame with the desire of both all the stronger. She is mind-boggling, and she is mine. In the power of my hands now, she arches her back periodically, trying to do it as unobtrusively as possible, holding back moans, not allowing them to stun her, burned in the fire of passion with me.
Inside she is even more delicate than outside. I apply pressure with my fingers on the front wall of the her sleeky passage, rhythmically and relentlessly bringing her to a frenzy. Circular motion palm is stroking her clitoris, leaving her a chance to sit quietly. Periodically, jumping on a chair and moving to the beat of my movements, she only increases her own pleasure levels.
Her body is languishing in the sweetness of tension; she is as hot string desire for thirsty discharge. I gradually increase the pace, more and more taking up her mind and power over our own bodies. Now she is desperately clutching teeth, holding back a moan, which may be the collapse of the entire event. Her athletic legs and freeze body punch cramps of orgasm. Tilting her head back and her mouth open in a silent moan, Christina shatters into a million pieces after her own pleasure. I feel it pulsing around my fingers escort in ankara, squeezing them inside even stronger than before.
Cristina recovers breath, and this time I pull my hand out of her panties. Blue eyes are of the stormy sea color, covered with passionate veil, focused look on my face. Scarlet, parted lips seductively hot whisper into my ear making it burn.
‘Come with me.’
She straightens her skirt in and went out of the cabinet. Now I need to go after her.
As a bullet I fly out of the room, my eyes are eagerly groping down the corridor. Where’s she? Not far from the office is the ladies’ room, I may want to check it? I open the creaking door into the room and see her, caressed by golden sunlight, driven by lust, burning brightly in her big trusting eyes.
She resembles a panther, one of the escort services girls; it seems her name was Melissa, like the odorous grass: soft steps of the redhead floats into my hands, she is running with thin delicate fingers in my hair. Hot lips dug into her lips, running my hands over the slender body. Our tongues entwined, waltzing in scorching passionate dance.
I step back and watch the results of my work. Half-naked, shivering from her own desire. I touch her buttocks. She tears off the buttons of my shirt, and deals with a belt.
The nipples of her are more like a ripe strawberry, swell from my sight. I cling to one with my lips, the other is stroked by my fingers. Now Christina is not holding moans inside her, she purrs in response to my actions, and I feel the stronger flame of desire inside.
She strokes the head of my Wallie, and I now regret for the first time that everything is happening in the restroom. We need to hurry; we should have time to finish all this action until no one came. I cover her chocolate body with kisses, gently biting the skin in the right places.
Christina twists in my hands, requiring for new caresses. Slowly, painfully slowly I get into her body, tearing off the appreciative groan from the wet lips. I move quickly and sharply, she moans loudly and limps in my arms, trembling from high pleasure. Blurred, unseeing sight rests on my face and, finally exhausted, she puts her head on my chest. A couple more thrusts, and after her finish, I cum too escort girls. Under the crushing wave, there are only two of us and a necessity to hurry up in case of being discovered.

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